Product Troubleshooting

  • My part(s) are damaged, broken etc.. I need a replacement part.

    If you feel the part failed under proper use and care during the  warranty period please email us a photo of the damaged part to

    Please include MODEL# and manufacturing date code found on the bottom of your product along with your name, shipping address and telephone number.

    Or call our customer care team at 800-633-3401 Mon-Thursday 8-4:30 CST, Friday 8:30-4 CST

    If it is determined the failure is covered under warranty, PART(S) will be provided at NO CHARGE. 





    Parts can be purchased on our website by clicking here

  • I’m having difficulty turning the locking ring. Locking ring is stuck.

    It is possible that juice may have seeped behind the locking ring.  If you remove the four screws on the gray gasket inside the locking clip, the gasket and locking ring will come off the housing.  I would try cleaning the two parts and attach back to the housing to see if that helps.

  • My VSJ843 is not turning on!

    It is possible that the magnet in the black hopper that engages with the juicer and allows it to turn on has come loose. Do you happen to have any other type of magnet in your home that you could test to verify this? You would simply need to turn the juicer on and hold a magnet over the orange arrow on the motor housing. If the unit turns on then you need a new hopper, if the juicer does not turn on the juicer may need to be serviced as this could display a motor issue.

  • VRT330 or VRT350 – Juicer stopped working. Juicer won’t turn on. No power to my juicer.

    We look for two things when the VRT juicers do not turn on and majority of the time it is simply the way the hopper is put onto the bowl.  The juicer must be completely assembled to turn on.  The first thing to do is find the half-moon shaped or semi-circle tab with the arrow on it.  This tab juts out from the rim of the hopper (cover.)  The hopper can be locked onto the bowl three different ways but only one will actually engage with the juicer and allow it to turn on.  The tab on the hopper has a magnet that engages with the juicer.  If the tab is not right over top of the open/close on the post of the motor housing, the juicer will not turn on.  If you do have the tab over the open close and the juicer will not turn on take the hopper off the bowl and look at the underside of that tab.  The underside of the tab should be covered with plastic, if there is a hole then the magnet fell out which again will not allow the juicer to turn on.  If the magnet has fallen out I can replace the hopper for you.  We have many customers who have their VRT juicer for years and one time just happen to put the hopper on incorrectly, so I would make sure to double check that.  If this does not work, then the juicer will have to be sent to our service center. 

  • What are the differences between the VSJ843 models?

    The only difference between the VSJ843R and the VSJ843Q is the exterior shape. The 'Q' models are more squared, and the 'R' models are more round. The letters following the 'Q' and 'R' identify the color.

    The parts and motors are identical.

    We simply have two different shapes, so customers have two options for shape and color.

    The VSJ843Q model has the on/off switch to the right, whereas the on/off switch is at the back of the unit on the VSJ843RS.


    VSJ843QS - square, silver

    VSJ843QR - square, red

    VSJ843RR - round, red

    VSJ843RS - round, silver